Battleaxe 125 Grain


The Crimson Talon Battleaxe has re-invented modern day mechanical broadheads. Full cut-on-contact 7/8″ steel blade tip slices on impact to create the initial wound channel and follows up with a pair of world-class mechanical razors to deliver the final 2″ cut. This broadhead drops game fast.

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Precision meets devastation. Accurate, durable and reliable. Incredible penetration. The Crimson Talon line of mechanical broadheads was engineered to meet the needs of today’s archery equipment and archers. The curved sickle blade technology of our mechanicals conserves kinetic energy to penetrate deep, then internally deploys a 2″ cutting path for fast and humane big game knockdown power. Exclusive inboard center-of-gravity blade geometry keeps blades closed on release and helps deployment during game penetration. And because Crimson Talon mechanicals deploy after the initial penetration of the front 3/4 of the broadhead, deflection is not an issue. During field testing, Crimson Talon mechanicals fully deployed 100% of the time regardless of shot angle. Cut on contact tip. Optimized for both crossbows and compound bows. Assembled in America.

Technical Information:

  • Number of Blades: 4
  • Cutting Diameter: 2″
  • 2 7/8″ Total Cut
  • Ferrule Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Tip Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Material: 0.32″ Stainless Steel
  • Advertised Weight: 125 Grain
  • Actual Weight: 131 Grain
  • Quantity: 3

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