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Cut to the core with the Crimson Talon Cleaver, our introduction to a series of more classic broadheads. The single bevel blade on the Cleaver causes the broadhead to twist as it passes through tissue and on impact with bone. This twisting action forms a devastating “S” shaped wound channel. The S-cut, compared to the single slit of a common double bevel broadhead, allows for unparalleled blood trails and quicker game recovery. Designed for field point accuracy even at distance. Crossbow tested over 500FPS.

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The Crimson Talon Cleaver uses single bevel, cut-on-contact blades to provide deep penetration and unmatched blood trails. It is available in a 125-grain model with rugged 0.059″ stainless steel blades. Optimized for both crossbows and compound bows.

Technical Information:

  • Number of blades: 2
  • Cutting Diameter: 1-1/16″
  • Blade Thickness: .059″
  • Bevel: 32 Degree Right Bevel
  • Ferrule Material: Aircraft-Grade 7075 Aluminum
  • Blade Material: Cr12MoV Tool Steel
  • Advertised Weight: 125 Grain
  • Actual Weight: 128 Grain
  • Quantity: 3

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  1. Ed Mcendollar

    These heads fly great and scary sharp. Took a200# buck 20yards broadside behind left shoulder. Deer jumped slowly walked 20 steps and collapsed he didn’t even know he was hit. Took out 2 ribs and buried 4 inches in the dirt. It took me about 5 minutes with a fine stone and it was back to shaving sharp and back in my these heads.will definitely by again.

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