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A good friend of mine, an OEM broadhead fabricator, lamented that the Crimson Talon XT was no longer commercially available. A solid broadhead that flew straight and drilled through flesh – a revolution in broadhead design. It was iconic like the movie, Rambo: First Blood. It created a considerable amount of buzz.

So I started researching and it didn’t take long to figure out he was right. Type “Crimson Talon Broadheads” into a Google search bar and you come back with thousands of entries. Archery discussions, blogs, interviews, YouTube videos. It seems everyone had an opinion about this unique broadhead.

Your broadhead is the one piece of your bowhunting gear that makes contact with your game. Simply put: if you don’t hit it and the broadhead doesn’t do its job, you don’t kill it. And whether your broadheads fly true depends on two factors: aerodynamics and spin. By applying variable-degree, axial-flow airfoils to the trailing edge of Crimson Talon Broadhead blades, arrows were spin-stabilized from the front. This radical departure from traditional broadhead design resulted in dramatically reduced aerodynamic drag, increasing arrow speeds and flattening trajectories.

Bowhunters generally want the same thing – a broadhead that flies straight, produces massive hemorrhaging, and quick, humane animal harvests. Broadhead designers, blade fabricators, broadhead manufacturers listen to the feedback given to them by thousands of bowhunters. My friend listened. I listened.

And so we proudly introduce again the Crimson Talon XT, reborn as the improved Crimson Talon G2. The technology is as revolutionary and the improvements are obvious. Sharper, thicker blades, now .028 inches thick. We have upgraded the ferrule to 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and upgraded the bone-crushing tip to A2 tool steel. We’ve developed the most accurate, deepest penetrating fixed blade broadhead in the world. Incorporating proven aircraft technology, Crimson Talon G2s fly exactly like a field point when shot from any bow, at any speed.

For those who prefer a more classic fixed-blade broadhead, we proudly introduce the Crimson Talon G2 Hyper Speed. In all respects this broadhead is the twin brother to the Crimson Talon G2, without airfoil technology. Three razor-sharp blades with three bleeder blades that are made to wreak havoc.

So fly above the storm and try Crimson Talon Broadheads. We’d be honored to have you join our family.

Crimson Talon Our Story

Dave Bittle

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