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G2 Features

G2 Features


All bowhunters want their shots to be accurate and traditionally they have attempted to guide their arrows from the rear with vanes or feathers. By applying variable-degree axial flow airfoils to the trailing edge of the Crimson Talon G2 Broadhead blades – arrows are now spin-stabilized from the front, a design that we call SpinTite Airfoil Technology. This departure from traditional broadhead design dramatically reduces wind drag, flattens trajectories and makes your arrows fly true. SpinTite Airfoil Technology improves ballistics – the faster the bow, the more spin-stabilization imparted on the shaft of the arrow. No more being penalized for shooting an ultra-fast bow or one of today’s crossbows. And because arrows are now spin-stabilized by the broadhead, wind-planing is a thing of the past.

Spiral Wound Channel Spintite technology


The spiral wound channel inflicted by the Crimson Talon G2 is the most lethal wound channel in the hunting industry. Our broadheads continue to rotate as they pass through an animal, creating a wound channel that cannot close or clot. The result is unmistakable blood trails and the most humane harvests possible.


Designed to apply the most devastating wound in bowhunting, the 59.8° offset KOREKUT design is a radical departure from traditional bleeder blade design. Surgeons follow tension lines when making incisions. Making a cut in the correct direction keeps an incision from gaping open and bleeding uncontrollably. If a broadhead wound parallels tension lines the wound never opens and bleeds little. Traditional 90° and 180° offset blades typically cut parallel to these lines. In contrast, our KOREKUT bleeder blades completely disrupt the skin’s and underlying musculature’s ability to close, resulting in gaping wounds that lead to uncontrollable blood loss.


Our Ferrule-Flage system brings a distinctive camouflage pattern to our broadhead ferrules. Through a sophisticated two-color splash anodization process, Ferrule-Flage is applied to improve the look of Crimson Talon Broadheads. Ferrule-Flage – helping hunters “Go Concealed and Get Terminal.”

Crimson Talon G2 Hyperspeed 100 grain vector graphic
Crimson Talon G2 125 grain chisel tip


The A2 steel chisel tip on the G2 provides optimal hardness to punch through bone and allow the broadhead’s blades to do their work. Combined with the 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and 420J2 stainless steel blades, you have one hell of a broadhead. You can pay more for a broadhead, much more, but you can’t buy better.


One of the most important aspects in broadhead construction is consistency in the build quality. We inspect, weigh and hand spin each broadhead before it’s packaged to ensure you get the best product we know how to build. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you buy a new Crimson Talon G2 broadhead and it breaks, for any reason, we will replace it. No limitations, no stipulations, no expiration.

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